Force muslim

Police in the french city of orléans will be making sure that muslim worshippers cease using the public street to pray. Muslims are abducting and trafficking christian women and girls in egypt, forcing them into marriages and conversions to islam – a fourfold atrocity that is reaching epic proportions in the north african nation.

Since spring of last year, chinese authorities have detained tens of thousands of muslims in its “re-education” camps — and now one former inmate is speaking out about the atrocities he experienced. All muslim (and most non-muslim) countries force women (and men) to wear body coverings of some kind western democracies with few or. Claim: taxpayers are picking up the tab for food shelves in minneapolis to provide halal food to muslims on welfare.

A summit in istanbul of muslim heads of state on friday called for the creation of an international peacekeeping force to protect the palestinians, as host turkish president recep tayyip erdogan. Former prisoners of chinese “re-education” camps for muslims have said they were forced to drink alcohol and eat pork as part of beijing's efforts to stifle dissent and ensure compliance with the central government as many as 1 million chinese muslims.

A woman is forced to strip off in nice by french police officers armed with pepper spray and batons in nearby cannes three armed officers pointed a. It should be very clear from the above, that when converting by peace did not work during muhammad’s first few years of the new islam/muslim religion that since 624, and definitely since his death in 632, muslims have attacked and killed and conquered and forced hundreds of millions to join their religion and obey their laws.

  • Amid the noise over “islamophobia” and calls for tolerance, we tend for forget the intolerance and hate that emanates from some highly respected islamic leaders.
  • “chinese police are so powerful, particularly in xinjiang, [that] anyone being stopped is unlikely to be able to refuse the police's requests.

New york (ap) — two muslim women who say the new york police department forced them to remove religious head coverings after they were arrested have sued the city to force a change to the practice. Nova scotia woman claims hotel not changing everything for her is violation of religious freedom if you refuse to obey halal rules in your business you may be accused of hate crime, human rights violations and almost a war crime in canada. New york city will have to pay out $180,000 to three muslim women after forcing them to take off their hijabs for mugshots.

Force muslim
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